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Swiss Liner Advanced

  • $4,60000

The device for the contemporary cosmetician

The application of this equipment allows the stylists to emphasize the natural appearance of the customer. The cosmetic office owns with this unit a technique that allows a gently, soft and with convincing handling long-lasting permanent make-up drawing.

The novel disposable sanitary modules offer a high degree of safety with regard to hygiene. During the removal of the hygiene module, the needle immediately disappears into the needle jet. Thus the risk of injury with the contaminated needle, and the associated risks of infection (HIV, HBV) are avoided. A quick switch of the modules and the color is possible by the new hygiene module system. Certified to the standards: EN55022: 1998, EN61000 -6-1: 2001, EN61000 -6-3: 2001.


Benefits at a glance:

    • Hygiene module (NEW: 1er Micro modules)
    • Control unit with LCD display
    • Infinitely adjustable needle punctures per second (in 5 - steps)
    • Straight hand piece with hygiene module system
    • Built-in hand piece holder
    • Working with or without foot control
    • Ideal for problem skin in cosmetic and medical area


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