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Tricho pigmentation

The contemporary treatment for hair loss, less hair and baldness. The word "tricho pigmentation" comes from the ancient greek word "tricho" = hair.


The Tricho pigmentation can be an inexpensive alternative to hair transplantation. In this novel method tiny dots or short hair are pigmented on the scalp. Thus an optical hair compaction is generated. Bald, hairless spots or thinning hair on the head are a common reason for a weak self-esteem for men and also women. A tricho pigmentation can create a new sense of life.


Areas for application:

  • After Accident & OP or scars
  • With Hair Loss ( Alopecia )
  • Intermittent hair loss ( receding hairline )
  • Hereditary hair loss ( baldness )
  • Supportive with hair transplants
  • For hair loss caused by disease (chemotherapy)


The color is perfectly matched and aligned to the ideal image. The overall picture appears more harmonious, the hair appears thicker and still natural.