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OS Pigments FAQs

What is the difference between the Swiss OS Color pigments and other iron-oxide free colors on the market?

This is another basic recipe. Other manufacturers are working with the additive Novoxx, known in the tattoo sector. The OS pigments are light-resistant and can be incorporated more easily into the skin. Please do not mix them with colors from other manufacturers. Even if it works well for a while, the recipe is built fundamentally different. We are not able to give a prognosis and no liability for the long term stability of the mixture.

Why should you not mix SC Classic and OS pigments?

Since the production of Pigments is different,  (iron oxide pigments are produced cold), OS pigments require a hot production the colors can't be mixed because it can cause stains.Please note NEVER mix OS pigments with any other brands.

Can you work with the OS pigments on the SC Classic pigments?

Yes it is possible, after a waiting time of about 2 to 3 months.


Can you remove the OS pigments with the laser?

Yes the OS pigments can be removed with a laser. The darker the color the better it will work. White pigments are hard to eliminate, therefore we do not recommend laser treatments on the lips. Also, we do not recommend laser remove on the eyes.

How good the color fades away depends on the type of laser. We advise you to speak to your doctor. Previously always remove a small dot for testing, wait 24 hours, if there occurs no reaction continue with the treatment. This can only be performed by a specialist for laser.

Can you combine the SC excipients with the OS pigments?

Gigaplast = Yes, definitely apply immediately after the pigmentation

Transponder = Yes, highly recommended to smooth the skin texture

Driver = No, not necessary

Thinner = No, not optimal. The ingredients are matched to the SC pigments, so we don’t recommend the use for OS pigments. A new thinner specifically for OS pigments will be available from spring 2014.

Are Ultra Black Power and Black new OS pigments?

No, the two black colors (Ultra Black and PowerBlack ) are not OS pigments. However, since they are without iron oxides, (based on Carbon Black), we have added them to the new OS color chart.

Ultra Black was changed slightly and with its creamy consistency very popular for eyeliner. The formula of Power black is improved, the color is now fuller and very easy to incorporate. Both now have new part numbers.


How gets the pigment reduced in the skin?

The color does not broke down just like the iron oxides, but fades under UV light. The difference is the new colors fade slowly but evenly.


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