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Mixtips for OS pigments

You get the best PMU results when you can respond to the needs and desires of your customers. But this requires a high level of understanding about the mixing behavior of different colors. All Swiss Color® OS pigments can be mixed together, but we recommend not to mix more than 3 pigments.



Mixtips eyebrow:

Mixtips lips:

The base colors Honey I & II:

The base colors Honey I & II mainly consist of golden yellow pigments, where¬by Honey I is cooler and Honey II is warmer. 


For eyebrows: The addition of Honey II causes softer results for dark-browed colors. You can, depending on the added amount of Honey I & II downgrade all brown colors until gold blonde types, nearly authenticity effects are achieved.


For lips: Honey I & II make it possible with its high proportion of gold yellow pigments to lighten up all lip tones, to give them a smarter look. The tones can be customized according to the mixture ratio in warm softer or cooler tones.


For areola: The base colors for almost all areola colors is Honey I & II. With the addition of Blush, Melba and Diana in small quantities, the color will find the right character. Shadowing can be optimally adjusted by smallest mixture ratios. The breast receives a natural areola which looks almost real.