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Lips with contour


Lip contour:

Weak or unfavorable outcome, contours and corners of the mouth are adapted to the natural ideal case and traced in the desired shape and color. This balance is particularly interesting for small scars, uneven high lip arches or the lack of pigment loss at an older age. The shape of the upper and lower lip is harmoniously coordinated and emphasizes the lip heart discreetly. The contour gives the lip a youthful freshness.


Lip contour with plastic shading: With the individually designed lip color the lip will be filled with a special shading technique. The lip gains more color intensity, expression and volume.


The perfect lip:

The perfect lip is a combination of lip contour, shading and optionally the liplight. The lips are the expression of sensuality. Due to the shape and color you achieve it!



The liplight is drawn in the heart region of the upper lip. The lip shape is highlighted. Therefore you use skin tones / camouflage pigments.