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Eyeliner for a deep look

For permanent emphasis the upper and lower eyelid is drawn on the eyes lid edge. Existing eyelash loss is easily concealed and gives the eye a mysterious depth - also for men.



The permanent upper and under lid liner gives you an expressive look already early in the morning. The delicate exactly matched color contour makes the eyes bigger, more beautiful and more radiant. The various hygienic module - needle sizes make it possible to draw a very gentle lash compaction up to strong lower eyelid lines.


The white eyeliner:

The white eyeliner is a pigmented line in the outer edge of the upper eyelid. The luminosity of the white of the eyeball is intensified. The eye shines and gives the entire face more freshness.



White pigments are degraded faster by UV light. Thus, it may happen that the visibility of the white line is only of short duration, which means a maximum of one year before a refresh is required.