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Application of OS pigments

The changeover from micro-mineral pigments on Swiss Color® OS pigments needs just a few simple steps . For your enjoyment of the new Swiss Color® OS pigments, pls. find below a brief description for correct handling.


Application of the Swiss Color® OS pigments:


    • Shake the bottle at least 60 seconds before use.
    • Pigment


      • gentle and soft
      • on the surface
      • with little pressure
      • 2x to 4x runs


    • The base color Honey makes OS pigments brighter and warmer.
    • Choose the color a little brighter and warmer than desired, as it can darken depending on the skin type, pressure and work style.
    • OS pigments can be mixed with each other but they are NOT miscible with SC Classic, SC Skin or SC Intensive pigment colors.

Important points:

  • OS pigments are color-stable. There is no red or purple color after healing and after a short time in the skin. This color change has been visible through the high Red or Yellow mineral content (= iron oxide content). Additional 60% - 80% of the ink will remain visible in the skin. The advantage is that you have less rework. The color darkens after healing, so pls. notice to start with less than too much at the beginning of the pigmentation.
  • Beware: too much pressure, too deep incorporation can lead to a cool result, thin hair can become blurred. Therefore always work tender and soft! The advantage for the customer is that they feel less pain.



We wish you much pleasure and very beautiful permanent make-up results. If you have any questions regarding the operation pls. always feel free to contact us.